You have to admit that you have been swept in the awe of the “LeBron James Sweepstakes”. This whole week has been filled with special editions of Sports Center and PTI dedicated to NBA Free Agency and where the big stars will land. Of course we all think that everyone's fate is tied to LeBron and where he decides to go.

What does this have to do with marketing? Everything! A 25 year old is changing the world on how to obtain  that “big fish” client. We have owners and GMs taking shots at one another (see this link for Nets vs. Knicks) and people we have never heard of (World Wide Wes) stepping into the picture. This is marketing frenzy at its best!

When it comes down to it, people only do business with people who they know, like, and trust. Who do your clients trust? That person is usually the one who makes the decisions behind the scenes. This is why the world is listening to World Wide Wes. Apparently, he is the person LeBron trusts the most.

How do you get your prospects to trust you? It takes time and attention. Isn't that how you trust others? Time, great conversations, and being personal. That's what it's all about.