Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about how to get more engagement on a Facebook Business page. Specifically, it's been questions about sharing the posts that you make on your Facebook Business page on to your personal Facebook profile. I know why I'm getting these questions: you don't get the same reach or engagement that you get on a Facebook Business Page vs. your Facebook personal profile. I get it! Unfortunately, if you want to use Facebook to market your business then you have to play by their rules.

Here's the deal: Facebook created Facebook Business pages because that's where they WANT you to do business. They recognized the need for entrepreneurs to have a separate space away from their personal Facebook profile to market their businesses. For some of us, that line is blurred or doesn't exist. For others, the line is bold and thick (I'm in this camp!). For those of you who are like me, this can be frustrating because you want to keep them separate but how is ANYONE supposed to see what you post?

In my short video above, I cover many different options to increase the engagement of your Facebook Business page but the technique that's been working the best is Facebook Live. One of my recent videos had over 80 views and reached over 300 people in less than 48 hours. Talk about engagement! It's been an amazing tool to get more people to visit my Facebook Business page and see what I'm up to in my business.

The key to getting more engagement on your Facebook Business page is to play by Facebook's rules but also be smart about the tools that are available for you to use. You don't have to share your posts from your Facebook Business page to your personal Facebook profile to get noticed. Be patient, consistent, post often and you'll see the how your Facebook Business page can be one of the greatest marketing tools for your business.

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