Do you have a system that keeps your leads warm for conversion? You should have one. When you encounter prospects, they are not always in the position to buy from you. They will need your services in the future, so incubate them. Keep them warm by staying top of mind. You want them to think of you when they are ready to buy.

How can I stay top of mind when they are ready to buy?

Sending a postcard in the mail may be the best way to keep them reminded about your products and services. Make it fun by adding fun facts, inviting them to a trade show, or informing them.

If you use e-mail marketing, auto-responders are a great way to stay top of mind with your prospect. It is a great way to build your rapport, expertise, and the relationship.

Coupons are a great way of incubating your prospects. Not only are you constantly reminding them about your company but you are giving them an incentive to purchase.

Periodic Phone Calls
Some of your prospects might be very personable and a follow-up phone call just might do the trick. You don't want to over-use this method so be cautious at how often you want to call your prospects.

Social Media
Social Media is becoming a great avenue for customer service. Direct your prospects to your Facebook page so they can stay updated with the latest news regarding your products and services.

What other ways to do you use to incubate your prospects? Let us know in the comments section. Check out our video on keeping your leads warm!

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