Something I've been struggling with is proving myself to clients when it comes to social media. They know that I'm knowledgeable when it comes to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but do I really know enough to help them with their business? It's as if they dare me to try to come up with social media solutions for their business.

Enter my great friend Danielle. She was having some trouble with Facebook and came to me for a consultation. Within an hour, we worked out her Facebook issues and I showed her some tips and tricks for her Facebook page. She was very impressed with what I knew about Facebook.

She admitted that she thought she knew all there was to know about Facebook and that she didn't think she needed help. She thought she could solve it herself. It got me thinking about my current problem and how I can solve it. Danielle came up with a very creative idea for me: a special Q&A session where I will answer questions about social media. She explained it would be perfect to show off my skills in social media and be helpful.

KR Design's Social Media Dare Night was born! Tonight I will be holding an hour and a half Q&A session on questions about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If I can't answer the question, the person will win a FREE 30 minute social media strategy session. It should be a lot of fun. Cross your fingers that I don't get stumped!