Feedback is essential if you are coordinating festivals and events. It is the feedback that determines which attractions will be back at the next event and what was missing. Feedback can also mean an increase or decrease in patron attendance for your event.

As a marketing firm for events, we find that feedback is the key to improving events. By welcoming patrons' opinions and constructive criticism, you can get great ideas on how to make the event even better next year. For example, an attendee mentioned putting a map on the back of our fliers to make it easier for people to find the location. This advice will be heeded as we were flooded with phone calls on how to find the location the day of the event!

Patrons will appreciate when their feedback is highly valued and will anticipate the next event. People love to be appreciated and what better way than to listen to their feedback. Use the feedback for your after action plans and when it is time to start coordinating the next event. Feedback is a great guide to ensuring success at your events!

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