My husband and I have this running joke.
I always carry my business cards with me in my purse. He says that I'm ready to do business at any time, even at the grocery store. I laugh at him but we both know it's the truth. I'm always prepared. To me, anywhere I go, any event I attend, there can be a networking opportunity.

This has proven to be true at the office supply store. There were several opportunities when I met people getting copies made or just shopping for office supplies. Makes sense since my business is B2B, that the office supply store would be a perfect place for me to hang out. Thankfully, I'm armed with these tools:

Business Cards
I always carry business cards with me. I have a business card holder that holds about 10 cards and I have 40 other business cards wrapped in a rubber band in my purse. If I'm out at a networking event or just going to the store, I'm prepared.

Elevator Speech/60 Second Presentation
Being a BNI (Business Networking International) member has benefited me greatly. Every week, we go around the room with our 60 second presentation. Since I practice it three times a week for our meeting, I'm always ready to tell someone about my business in a clear, concise manner.

Listening Skills
Being a networker means that I am armed and ready with my listening skills. Listening is imperative to networking. It helps me determine if the person I'm talking to is my target client or if I can assist them with who they are looking for: a collaborator, potential client, or mentor.

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What do you do when you run into someone who is in need for your products or services? Leave a suggestion in the comments section below.