KR Design strongly believes in networking. Building relationships with other business owners can lead to powerful alliances and collaboration. The relationship should be built on trust, honesty, and integrity. With that said, the foundation of the relationship needs to start on the right foot and not be rocky. Here are a couple of business networking crimes that are committed:

1. Respect Conversation
Respect the people in the group that you are trying to invade. If the circle is closed, that means the group is having a private conversation. If the circle is concave or open, you can enter the circle and introduce yourself.

2. Use Common Etiquette
Pass your business card to everyone in the group you are in. Say “thank you” when introduced to someone you were trying to meet and say “please” when making a request. These words can go a long way and people appreciate them. (Thank you Coach Jaynine!)

3. Be Prepared
Come to a business networking event prepared with business cards and a quick elevator speech. That's the purpose of a networking event: to meet other people and exchange information about what each other's businesses.

4. Introduce Yourself
If the purpose of a networking event is to meet other people, you should mingle. Do not wait for other people to come to you. If this makes you highly uncomfortable, ask an acquaintance to introduce you to someone or bring a friend!

Business Networking is a skill and takes time to perfect. Do not get discouraged, it takes practice. Here is an article that will help.

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