KR Design Monday Marketing Minute reveals one of my top secrets to get more clients using social media! Check it out!

Posted by KR Design on Monday, June 15, 2015

Many people ask me how to get more engagement from social media from their fans and followers. Truth be told, there's really only 5 basic social media secrets you need to know. The first one is a call to action.

There are some who say that having a call to action in your social media posts is redundant and that it doesn't work anymore. I don't think so. With so many new business owners and potential customers coming online everyday, having a call to action is critical in your social media marketing. Here are a couple of reasons why…

  • You have to let people know what the next step is. Intuitive as it may seem to you, they can't read your mind.
  • It's super important you use a call to action for sign-ups (webinars, trainings, contests, etc.) and if you want your audience to share something with people that may be interested.
  • It's been proven that adding a call to action to your social media posts increases engagement by 72%!

So, how's that for redundant and unnecessary? Having a call to action can also improve your engagement, i.e. getting people to come back to your social media profiles and pages to see what you have going on! Check out the KR Design Monday Marketing Minute video and let us know how you'll be using call to actions in your business!