Businesses recognize that social media is great way to reach their customers. Social media has opened up a new world of communication between company and consumer. What businesses have not realized is how to use this new communication to their advantage. Businesses cannot shout out advertisements at their customers and potential clients. You have to give information to receive.

Brian Kennedy, one of my favorite business coaches, makes a great point about networking that can easily apply to social media marketing. When you give with open hands, your hands are open to receive. If you hold on to what you have, your hand is a closed fist. With a closed fist, you cannot give or receive. This applies to social media: you have to give information, not advertisements, to receive attention from your customers.

Too many times, companies shout their branding messages on social media networks and expect their customers to buy their product or service. Companies need to share information and engage with their customers to build a relationship. Building a relationship with your clients helps establish trust, and this is key. Customers buy from brands they can trust. This leads to brand loyalty and repeat customers. Repeat customers are the best customers. Not only are they happy customers but they tend to refer others to the product or service that they love using.

Social media is a great tool to reach your customers but use it wisely. Informing your customers of your products and services can go a long way to build a long and lasting relationship filled with referrals. Shouting at your clients on social media with advertisements just turns them away.

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