Business owners think that there is some deep dark secret to uncover the mystery of social media success. Using social media for your business is actually intuitive (sorry, there is no social media fairy!).  The tasks a business owner performs on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis can be transferred online via social media and yes, it does help grow your business.

1. Industry News
This is our favorite use for social media. Webinars, articles, and blog posts on the marketing industry are on social media every day!
Social Media makes it easy for us to keep up on the latest industry news.

2. Mentors
By keeping up with the latest in industry news, we have found quite a few mentors online. Learning from a mentor is one of the keys to success for our business.

3. Competitors
Social Media also makes it easy to keep track of what our competitors are doing. With the state of the economy, it is very important to stay on top of our competitors. Thank you social media for allowing us to watch our competitors closely!

4. Customer Service
Companies of all sizes use social media for customer service issues. Not only can you reach an unhappy customer quickly to stop the spread of negative influence but you can also reward happy, loyal clients as well!

5. Connecting
Thank you social media for making it easier to connect with our clients! We know more about our clients on a personal level and can celebrate the happy events that occur in their lives.

6.  Keeping In Touch
When our clients move away, they can still be our clients or send referrals. Social Media makes it easier to keep in touch with our clients. They may seem miles away but in “social media time” it's only minutes!

7. Education/Learning
If you are active online, you will find many things that will educate you about your business and your field. In fact, that's how we found the 31 Days to Building A Better Blog Challenge. We followed the link on Twitter, signed up, and now  we're putting our knowledge to work!

8. Answer Questions
Being in marketing, we receive many questions from business owners. Social Media is a great avenue to answer questions. We build our online presence and brand awareness at the same time!

9. Communication
Social Media makes it convenient to communicate with clients, not just local clients but clients around the globe. We find that many of our clients will respond via social media faster than a text message or voicemail!

Do you have a great way that you use social media for your business?  Comment below and tell us!

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