You can't be everything to everyone.  Unfortunately, it's true. That's why focusing on your niche is so important. It allows you to be focused on a particular audience and save frustration. If you try to be everything to everyone, you'll ask for anyone to be your client, and no one will refer you. When you become specific, your network can assist you because they have a customer picture in mind.

I was in a networking situation last week listening to a wireless communications sales representative tell me about his business. His company sold more than just cell phones. They offered digital phone service, satellite TV, home security, and much more. As he was telling me about his business, I became more and more confused. How many products and services were there? Which products was he trying to sell to me? At the end of his speech, I asked him what products was he focusing on. “All of them,” he answered.

I explained that with such a wide array of products and services that he needed to focus on a niche, grouping certain products to serve a specialized market. If he tried to sell all of his products to everyone, he'd have to be a superhero. I also pointed out that by focusing on a niche, it would be easier to market his business. His marketing would be more targeted to a distinct group of individuals instead of casting a wide net and trying to capture everyone.

It's impossible to be everything to everyone, unless you're a superhero and can come to anyone's aid at any time. Since we are human, choose a niche and be specific. Below, is a video that discusses your “true” niche's target market.

How did you find your niche? How has your marketing changed? Let us know in the comments below!